3 Tips to Create an Effective Social Media Profile

Hello, feistyfletch readers!

This week, I wanted to jump right in and start giving some ideas & tips on how to primp your social media. Through my experiences using it daily for the past few years, I've noticed there are techniques that can be used so your social media gains more traffic and hopefully more followers! I've made a list of just a few of the simple things that you can do to create a stellar social media profile! Alrighty, here we go:

1) The profile picture

My current profile picture... taken by  Ashley and Tyler Herrinton  during my senior photos last August. I use it because it was taken with a fancy schmancy camera and has me showing my dorky smile!

My current profile picture... taken by Ashley and Tyler Herrinton during my senior photos last August. I use it because it was taken with a fancy schmancy camera and has me showing my dorky smile!

This is probably the most important thing on the list. Many online users are drawn to visuals: bright colors, crisp lines, smiling faces, artistic makeup. Make sure your profile picture, whether it's on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, is captivating. It's your profile, so don't pick a photo that is so zoomed out you can't see your face. If you are a necklace designer, maybe your profile picture should be more focused on your neck. It's all up to the message you want to convey. However, if you are just using a personal account, a closeup of your beautiful face is essential.


2) Username

Fun fact: Before feistyfletch was even a thing, I used to be @fletchsofetch.

Fun fact: Before feistyfletch was even a thing, I used to be @fletchsofetch.

Usernames are also vital to a presence on social media because it's how you are identified in the system of millions of users. You are the only one with that username, so make sure it is unique and memorable.

Underscores and numbers can get very confusing, so only include them in your username if they are essential. For example, if @johnsmith is already taken (it most likely is), it's fine to do @john_smith. But try to avoid something like @_john__smith199. It's just too much going on. The shorter, the better. 

My personal favorite formula for a fun username is adjective + name (with alliteration). That is how my username came about. I sat down and I thought of all the adjectives that start with F. Finally, after a long list, I decided on "feisty," which I thought best suited my personality.

If you are going the more professional route with your account, I would suggest making it just your first and last name. That will show your viewers that you mean business and you are taking social media as a business venture rather than a personal creative outlet.

One other thing about usernames: KEEP IT CONSISTENT. Try to make the same username for all of your social media platforms. If every account has different usernames, your followers will have confusion when trying to get in touch with you on your different accounts. Also, if you stay consistent, you can just say : "I'm (insert username here) on social media!"


3) Bio: less words, the better

My twitter  bio :)

My twitter bio :)

When someone clicks on your profile, they are most likely going to see what you are all about by reading your bio. Whether it's on Instagram or Twitter, this small amount of words has the power to make or break a new follower.

My suggestion is this: think of the least amount of words to describe yourself. Think of things that are essential about you that people need to know.

For me, where I go to school and what I'm passionate about are important to me. So, I put that I am passionate about social media, aka I'm a "social media enthusiast." Also, I put that I'm going to Elon University in the class of 2019, which is also something I'm excited about. Posting your school can help other students that go to your school find you and get to know you!

I also wanted to include some other small interests of mine, which are the internet (the love of my life) as well as coffee (aka heaven in a cup).

It's up to you whether you want to put your age because some find this information dangerous to put on the internet, but I personally have it so that my followers and people that view my page know that I am in fact a young adult.

Lastly, I put that I do in fact usually live in Richmond, Virginia, merely because I love RVA and the people & small businesses there.

On Twitter & Instagram, there is an option to put your website in your bio! If you don't have a website, just link your other social media accounts there. For me, before I had this site, I would just put instagram.com/feistyfletch or twitter.com/feistyfletch. :) 


I hope that these few tips helped you out in some way! I definitely have some more up my sleeve that I want to talk about in the coming weeks.

I'll be back here next Thursday with something else feisty! I'm thinking about doing something like a Q+A where you ask me your specific questions you want answered! I'll be posting on my social media about it if I do decide to do that!

See you soon!



P.S. I love reading your comments! Don't be shy! I would love suggestions and ideas on how to make feistyfletch.com the best it can be! :)

Thanks Annie for your excellent point about social media! 

Thanks Annie for your excellent point about social media!