3 Easy Ways to Self Care

Hello everyone! 

Last year, one of the few blog posts that I wrote during the second half of 2017 was called "My Struggle with Self Care." Now, that was a really important post to me because I admitted one of my many flaws, which was making sure I was doing okay mentally. So, this year, I've been very focusing on making sure I do little stuff that makes me feel a little more sane. I wanted to share some of those today for those who are also struggling with self care.

1) Read, read, read

Now, I'm not sure if this is something applies to everyone, but I really enjoy reading! I didn't prioritize it in years' past, but I really feel like not do I only learn stuff and read cool stories, but it also helps me get to sleep. I suggest reading for just a little bit right before bed. It will definitely help relax you.

I've also gotten re-obsessed with Good Reads, which is a social media platform where you can post book reviews, make a list of books you want to read, and track what books you're currently reading. It's really fun to get book recommendations that way. Feel free to follow my Good reads if you'd like here. 

Looooooved this book.

Looooooved this book.

2) The power of preparation

I've been prepping a lot of different parts of my life and it's definitely lowered my anxiety levels. Here's three ways I prepare myself for what life throws at me:

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First, let's start with the basics: If you prepare your outfits the night before or for the week ahead, you don't have to worry about it. Plus, you can figure out what days you need to do laundry. (Bonus tip: I've also really tried to make sure I only have the essentials in my closet so I'm not overwhelmed with clothes I won't ever wear. You can donate that stuff to a good cause and clean up your space!)


This one's for you fellow coffee lovers. Now, I do this in big batches to support my love for cold brew & iced coffee. Not only does this allow me to always have coffee available right in my home, but I've saved so much money by making coffee in big batches. I can still support my local coffee shops by buying beans from them.

I currently use this recipe for my own coffee.

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Finally, for the foodies - yes, meal preparation! Oh my gosh, so I've heard about meal prepping for the longest time and I never really did it because I didn't have a proper kitchen in the dorms. However, now that I live in an apartment with a formal kitchen, meal prepping has saved my butt! Not only have I saved so so so much money with this, but I don't have to worry about figuring out what I want to eat or whether I even have something available.

My friend Blaine taught me a simple way to meal prep: Get some raw chicken breasts, broccoli, and potatoes. Cut up the veggies. Put this all on a baking sheet with olive oil and some seasoning. Throw them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes. Boom. Done. That's a bunch of meals right there. After making that, I will use that stuff in different variations of meals, like pasta, tacos, and salads. This in particular has been a life saver lately. 

3) Organization!

Organization is a great to do some self care that you can literally see positively affecting your day to day. Keeping your room clean, as silly as it sounds, makes you feel like you have some part of your life together. Having a bed that's made, clear floor and desk, and organized closet makes a heck of a difference when you've had a long day and just want to relax. Think about it: if you're stressed and have to be in a dirty room, it makes it even worse. (Tip: Blast some of your favorite music and clean your room regularly. Make a dance party out of it.)

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Also, another way I organization my life is through my digital electronics. Keeping my inbox clean, my desktop clear of unnecessary files, and my phone free of any non-used apps and photos are some of the ways that I make even my digital spaces clear of stress.

I also make weekly Spotify playlists for myself! Not only does it keep a virtual log of my favorite songs of the year, but also it just makes finding music I love a whole lot easier. If you want to see those playlist, check out my Spotify here.

What do you do to self care?

I'm sure that these little things sound silly, but I promise I really have felt a heck of a difference in regards to personal stress levels since doing these little things. So what do you do to take care yourself? Do tell in the comments and on social because I'm always looking for things to help keep the sanity that I have left.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!

Love you all. Keep being rockstars.



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