#FeistyFletchTakesNYC: My First 5 Days!


Wow, I’ve totally neglected this blog for the past month and I am so very sorry. Quick explanation…

The reason that I haven’t blogged in quite a while is because of a big change in my life: I MOVED TO NEW YORK CITY! (Well, just until the end of year.) The blog took the backseat just because I was saying goodbye to friends and family, working a bunch at Perk! Bon Air to make some $$$, and preparing for the biggest adventure of my life.

So, here I am, sitting in my New School dorm room, ready to continue blogging.


Why am I here?

I’m here in NYC to continue my work that I’ve been doing remotely as a Social Media Coordinator with PLURAL, a social media studio located in the East Village. I’m also staying here in the fall to take classes at Marymount Manhattan, continuing work, and taking in as much of NYC as I can. I'm living in dorms both in the summer and the fall.

I haven’t even been in New York an entire week and I’ve already fallen in love with this city. Let me give you some highlights of my first few days here- because I’ve done A LOT!

The Amtrak up to NYC

Okay, so seriously I would suggest taking the train to NYC!! It’s only takes 6 hours (mine left at 4:30am, so I slept the whole way), it cost like $80 (student discount), and it puts you in the middle of the city, so you just have to take a taxi or cab to get to your destination. Coming in from the airport is a little more tricky.


The best part of the trip was a friend that I made that I already know I’ll have during this whole adventure. By chance, I got seated next to this blonde girl around my age that just happened to also be interning in the city and was having her first NYC experience too. Her name is Emily and I’ve already gone on so many adventures with her and I’m so happy I met her! She’s interning with a fashion photographer in Brooklyn! (Cool, right??)

Check her out!

Coffee coffee coffee

Alrighty, so if you know me in real life or you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I drink coffee – A LOT OF COFFEE. I like to think of it as something that I treat myself with daily to keep myself going and reward myself for working hard, rather than buying clothes or something materialistic. I make a pact with myself that I would work to visit as many coffee shops in NYC as I can. It’s been less than a week, and I’ve already been to…

Toby’s Estate in the West Village

B Cup Café in the East Village

City of Saints in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Birch Coffee in SoHo

Ninth Street Espresso in the East Village

I definitely have a coffee obsession that I should probably tame, but I’m going to continue to explore NYC’s coffee scene and let you know my favorites by the end.

East Williamsburg

I had to go out to Brooklyn to do something for work, so I decided while I was out there that I would a little bit of exploring. The majority of it was sitting in City of Saints, jamming to Anti by Rihanna because they were playing it, drinking a cortado, and doing social media work. After that though, I walked around and I discovered that I was in the middle of a group of a bunch of huge warehouses that have been converted into different things. The best part: there was street art EVERYWHERE. Wasn’t in this section very long, but I will definitely return.

I've got a lot of exploring of Brooklyn to do.

Greenwich Village

I met Emily in Greenwich Village Sunday night and it was such a cool experience. There were a bunch of different restaurants and different shops and people everywhere - I feel like a saw a lot of the life and energy of the city.  That reminds me, the diversity of languages, cultures, and people of NYC is SO COOL! I hear probably over 5 languages a day just walking around the city.

Anyway, we met at Artichoke Bastille and it was DELICIOUS. We got spinach-artichoke pizza that was on this huge biscuity crust and it was good! I definitely want to go back to this area and explore.

Central Park

Central Park is SO BIG so I haven’t seen even a fourth of it, but I did explore the southern part of it a little bit (Sheep Meadow) with Emily. Again, it’s so fun to people watch and see a little bit of nature in the big bustlin’ city. Cannot wait to return here for more sunshine and exploring!

Hell’s Kitchen

Again, another dinner adventure with Emily – this time we were on a mission. She had heard some good things about a vegan restaurant in New York and we decided to check it out. Let me tell you – You don’t have to be vegan to love this restaurant (I’m not)! It was definitely the best vegan meal I’ve ever had. The restaurant is called Blossom Du Jour – they have vegan fast food, aka sandwiches, salads, wraps, smoothies, and more. We tried the Midtown Melt and the Un-Chicken Avocado Griller (we’re going to go back to try the Mac n’ Cheese).

Definitely headed back here for more food and exploration!

Times Square (for a hot sec)

Now this happened kind of accidentally. Christina Casillo (a wonderful friend that just graduated from Elon) came into the city and we got Schmackery’s, caught up on each others lives, and we just ended up walking through Time Square. It is a very surreal place just because of all the lights and people, but it isn’t a place I plan on spending a lot of time (except walking through to see Broadway shows).

Subway...Eat Fresh

HAHA, not that Subway – the NEW YORK SUBWAY! I can now say that I know how to use, but I still have to use my phone to navigate it. I’ve got a MetroCard and I’m not afraid to get down there and figure out my way around. Honestly, didn’t think that I would start using it this soon, but I’m glad I did because it really is so easy to get around when you use it.

Also, a 30-day unlimited MetroCard is $122, which sounds expensive! However, if you think about it, if you go on over 100 rides, they are a buck each! Got to make good use of that investment with lots of trips.

Alrighty, 5 days in and I don't want to leave. I'll continue to come back here and give you updates on what I'm up to. I'm also updating my Instagram and Instagram Stories constantly (probably at an annoying rate), so be sure to follow me there too!

Thanks for reading!