Want to Work in Social Media? Here's Who You Should Follow

As we know, social media is rapidly changing.

Sometimes, it changes so quickly that it's hard to keep up. If you want to work in social media or communications, it is important that you stay up to date with the latest trends, updates, and other important info. Here are different types of accounts that I suggest following to keep up:

1. Advertising + Public Relations News

Pictured: @AdAge | @PRNews@adweek | @prweek

I love following these accounts because they always post a lot of articles about different ads, social media campaigns, and other communications news that will help you learn about what's trending when it comes to social media and what will get you the attention you want on all of your hard work.

2. Technology News

Pictured: @thenextweb@verge | @mashsocialmedia

These accounts don't necessarily always post about social media, but they post a lot about technology that will ultimately effect your job as a social media strategist. They will post about mobile updates, social media news, and more.


3. Social Media on Other Social Media

Okay, this is going to sound kind of meta and might not make sense, but I suggest following social media on other social media if they have accounts. For example, I follow Instagram on Twitter because they announce a lot of their news there! Also, I follow Facebook and Vine (RIP). I also follow Twitter on Twitter. Follow these accounts because this is where they will post all of their news + updates and you can get them right from the source. 


4. Social Media Software

Pictured: @Buffer | @Sproutsocial | @hootsuite

You don't need to necessarily use the software to not take advantage of their social media presence. All of these accounts will post about different social media trends that you can learn more about, as well as awesome blog content + more. Also, if you check their followers, there are going to be fellow social media strategists that you can engage with. 

5. Influencers

Pictured:  @MarkE_Miller | @KelechiKalu | @IngridNilsen@GraceHelbig | @everydaydrew

Follow all kinds of different influencers, big (>500k followers) and small (<500k) so you can see what is working in regards to social media marketing and communications. Figure out who is giving out the sponsorships and who is being responded to well and who isn’t. These influencers are the ones that push a lot of social media campaigns to be super effective with their audiences.

6. Accounts with Memes

Pictured: @kalesalad | @mashable | @buzzfeed

Now, I’m sure this sounds weird, but you need to keep up with memes! Why? They are the internet’s inside jokes. They are what people are going to be referencing a lot and you have to be in on the joke to fully understand them. Plus, certain memes can be used in different brand’s social media campaigns.


7. Agencies

Pictured: @pacecomm@sparkbrand | @plural_nyc


Follow different agencies in your area or that have types of clients that you want to work with. They will post about what they are up to with their clients, their available jobs, and articles that they find helpful with their everyday jobs. These are some other accounts that are always posting helpful information in regards to the communications field.

Do you follow these accounts? Who do you follow to keep up with social media news?
Let me know in the comments & on social media!

Thanks for reading!