Need New Content? Here are 7 Go-To Instagram Ideas!

Are you searching for content to make and need somewhere to start?

There are a few types of Instagram photos that are notorious for doing well on social media and looking beautiful in your feed. Here are just a few of them:


1 .#OOTD (outfit of the day)

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Are you wearing something that makes you feel confident and happy? Post it with the hashtag #OOTD! People love not only seeing you, but also seeing you wear your personal style.

Tip: tagging the companies with the Instagram tagging feature and hashtags could also help you reach attention from them. Some companies will even repost you wearing their products.


2. coffee, coffee, coffee

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Yep, you can probably tell from my Instagram that this is my go-to. Getting that solid picture of that beautiful latte art always stops someone to give it a double tap.

Tip: Local coffee shops are usually set up in a beautiful, cute way, so you can always snap a picture of that too! Hot drinks also photograph better because #latteart.


3. Sunrise + Sunset

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Even before social media, people go out of their way to see that beautiful sunrise or sunset. These are not only beautiful to see in person, but they also do very well on social media.

Tip: DON'T EDIT IT! Get that beautiful photo & remember to post it unedited with #nofilter.


4. It's selfie time!

People want to see you and your gorgeous face! Getting a solid selfie that you can post with a cool hairdo, cute outfit, or with some your pals is perfect. People want to see the face and personality behind the account. (Note: This can mean a literal selfie from your front-face camera or just a solo photo of you!)

Tip: Post this with #SelfieSunday and #ss on Sunday evenings for prime exposure.


5. Make them hungry with FOOD

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The reason things like Tasty and foodie accounts exist is because of people's obsession with food that is pretty AND delicious. If you are cooking or going to a cool restaurant, snapping a pic of your food will look great on your Instagram feed. Plus, if you're paying for the food, you want to get your money's worth!

Tip: Take this picture right before you eat it! Also, taking a photo right above it is a go-to way to do it! If you can get some of the place setting in to, that will look beautiful.


6. Paw-some content (Photos of animals)

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Whether you are a cat or dog person, you have probably seen pictures of these adorable creatures on your social media getting lots of attention. Cuteness is KEY! Snap a pic of your pet (or someone else's) and it will look great on your account and make people stop and saw "AW!"

Tip: Use hashtags like #Catstagram, #cute, #puppygram, and more to make people searching for pictures of animals find your photo!


7 . Flatlays all day

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This is my favorite for sure. Getting some of your favorite things and sprawling them on a beautiful white table, marble countertop, or other surface is always available for a solid Instagram photo. It may take a few shots, but once you've placed all your pieces, snapped lots of pics, and edited, it will look great on your Instagram feed.

Tip: Take these photos high above the objects so you can crop and edit it several ways! Also, move the items around for different options.


8. Give us a THROWBACK!

Have some cute baby pictures that you don't know what to do with? Scan them and post them on your social! People love a good flashback.

Tip: Post this with #ThrowbackThursday and #Tbt on Thursday for lots of engagement!


Here are some other quick go-to ideas:

  • Photo out of airplane window

  • picture of quotes on chalkboards + walls

  • photos of pretty buildings + murals

  • concert photos 

Question of the week: What are your go-to Instagram photos? Let me know on social media and in the comments below!

THANKS FOR READING! See you next week for more social media related content.