Things are changing around here.

Hello, everyone!

How are you doing? I hope that you're having a great week thus far and you aren't too stressed with work. Spring is a beautiful time of year, but the beautiful weather can also make working difficult. Stay focused and keep pushing on! You got this!

I'm writing today about something very exciting... is going to change a little bit.

LET ME EXPLAIN! This is something I've been thinking about for a while, so I'm going to break it down.

What I've been doing currently: 

I've been making lots of content. I've been writing about my personal life, traveling, and some other aspects of myself. It's been fun, but to be quite honest, it has been rushed and overwhelming.

I've put myself on a twice a week schedule, and let's be real, that was unrealistic. I've been getting a lot of the blog posts done, but they've been written very last minute and very rushed. I don't want y'all to read low-quality pieces of work.

I'm also concerned that I'm going to run out of things to say about myself. Let's face it: I'm not that exciting.

Here's the thing: I don't think reading about me is going to help you learn anything. I don't want this blog to be strictly about myself and who I am, but rather what I do and what I love. I want this blog to be a resource and a place that you could learn something, rather than read about some weirdo named Fletcher.

What I want to do:

So, I've tried to establish myself as a blogger, but I've been missing one important thing. It's something that I even told y'all in a blog post is necessary.

What am I missing? A niche audience.

Currently, I've been writing and publishing, hoping that someone will read my random blog posts. However, successful blogs and content creators find something they are passionate about and show it to people that are passionate about that same thing. I haven't done that: My audience right now is just whoever happens to see the link. I want to expand and I want to target people that are directly interested in what I'm writing about. 

I don't think there's an online audience of people interested in Fletcher's life. However, there are people that are passionate about what I'm passionate about. So,

What's going to change: 

I'm going to be shift my content to topics about social media and strategic communications. Social media is something that I am strangely passionate about and actively work with on a daily (if not hourly) basis. I want to share the things that I've learned through my experiences working as a social media manager, social media strategist, social media intern, social media ambassador, blogger, and millennial.

I want to help you utilize social media as best as you can.

I want to give you tips on creating content and how to post it effectively! I want to tell you about accounts I've been loving and what you can learn about them. I want to be a social media resource and guide for you.

Now, this doesn't mean that I won't be writing the occasional person blog post because I love doing that as well. I love being vulnerable and telling stories that could help someone, but I really think that these blog posts could potentially be more helpful to you.

So, to recap:

  • posts will once a week instead of twice a week

  • website will be redesigned (#soon)

  • content will be shifting to social media topics + resources

I'm very excited that I'm taking the blog in this direction. I think it's going to be awesome to write specifically about my passions and my own experiences with something that I love. Plus, there is a community of other bloggers that write about this, so I'm exciting to get to know them, as well as brands I could collaborate with!

Now, I know that the topic of social media isn't super exciting to everyone, but I hope to write about it in a way that it might interest you. The first social media blog post will be coming Thursday!


- @feistyfletch