Favorite Places I've Been in Europe (thus far)

Hey friends! Happy Thursday!

While I'm getting settled back into classes, a lot of people have been asking about how my trip was in Europe. And honestly, it's so hard to put into words. I always say, "It was awesome" and "It saw a LOT." SO, I decided I wanted to explain it visually. I took about 3,800 photos while abroad on my iPhone. 

I've listed below my favorite stops in all of the four countries that I visited with a little description. Use the arrows on the photos to see each gallery! If you have any questions or want to see more places I saw, just let me know!



Streets of Italy

The streets of Rome are nothing like anything I've ever seen before. They have cobblestone streets, close beautiful buildings, and culture at every corner. The cars were tiny and the street were full of mopeds. One of my favorite things was just walking through and looking up at the history around me.


St. Peter's Basilica

Now, I'm not religious, BUT DANG! This place is beautiful. We wait 2 hours in line for security and then climbed all the way to the top of the dome! Definitely worth it.


Siena Catherdral

Siena is a small little city that includes this huge beautiful cathedral! I couldn't even imagine walking by this casually on a regular basis. There was this sweet room in it where the art on the walls changed as you walked around (it's hard to explain, but it was painted with awesome depth).





This is an awesome modern museum that I didn't get to actually go into, but we saw the beautiful building and the view around it. I LOVE MODERN ARCHITECTURE.


La Fondation Maeght

This is a really beautiful art foundation in the countryside of France. It had really unique art in a very unique building! MODERN ART IS GREAT.


Unité d'habitation

This building is VERY FASCINATING! So it was built after WW2 to help veterans returning from war. To put it simply, it is a city within a building that is still running today. There is a grocery store, restaurant, bakery, gym, and school in this building. We visited one of the apartments and they have two floors and utilize space in a great way!



Metro Perasol

This structure has a long history, but it's basically a project that was included to create a common space for the city of Seville. Some call it a waffle and some call it an umbrella. It's all made of wood and put together by a really strong glue - WOAH!


La Sagrada Familia

Designed by Gaudi, it was hands down one of the best stops on the trip. Breathtaking.



Such a cool museum! We did go inside but I couldn't take pictures of the art (lol I didn't realized I couldn't and got yelled at). It's got amazing art outside of the building, and the building itself is like nothing I've ever seen before.


Barcelona Pavilion

So much marble. So much minimalism. LOVE IT.



Street Art in Portugal

Coming from Richmond, I've come to love street art and murals. Definitely some hidden treasures in the city of Lisbon.


"Golden Gate Bridge" of Portugal (25 de Abril Bridge)

Literally if someone showed me a picture of this bridge, I would think it was San Francisco. Definitely beautiful!

Overall, it was a wonderful trip full of beautiful architecture, lots of interesting culture, and stunning views. I don't know when I'll be heading back to Europe, but I hope it's soon because I know there's so much more to see.

I'll be back here on Tuesday with another blog post!

Thanks for reading,

Fletcher Rowe | @feistyfletch