College Dorm Room Tour (VIDEO)

Hey, feisty friends!

Today is an exciting day!!!

There are two reasons for my excitement:

1) This is the first absolutely OFFICIAL #FeistyFriday! I will be posting every Friday here on starting now - YAY! I'm super pumped!

2) I've got a special treat for you today....


Thanks to some wonderful assistance from Blaine Williamson, I filmed a room tour! CHECK IT OUT HERE:

In this video, I give you a COMPLETE tour of my dorm room and I let you know where I got all of my decorations and essentials. I live in a single room in the Colonnades Neighborhood at Elon University, so if you are interested in Elon University or you go to Elon and want to live in "Nades," this video will give you an idea of the kinds of rooms available!

 If you have any questions about anything or want to know exactly where you can find certain things from my room, don't be afraid to reach out in the comments or on social media!

BIG shoutout to Blaine Williamson for her help with filming! SHE ROCKS :) Check her out:

THANKS FOR WATCHING! See you next Friday back here for another #FeistyFriday!



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