HOW TO GET FOLLOWERS?: A Social Media Q+A (#AskFeistyFletch)


For this week's blog post, I wanted to get YOU involved.

So, I decided let's do a Q+A. You send me questions and I'll answer them. However, I didn't want to make it about boring old me. I wanted it to be about something that I love to use and something that you probably use - SOCIAL MEDIA!

I went on all my social media accounts and asked you to send me your questions! I luckily got some pretty awesome questions from you lovely people. SO, HERE WE GO:

When should we post now that a lot of platforms are no longer chronological? - Laura

So this is something I've definitely been thinking about because it has altered the main format and timeline of social media. At first, it really scared me because I didn't think that anyone would ever see my content. However, I've realized you just have to work with it and it shouldn't affect you. The main problem is that none of us know exactly how the algorithm works. So, I can't exactly give you a time of day exactly. 

I would definitely say to think about when you and your friends usually scroll on social media and stick to that time. It appears the algorithm changes the order of things that were posted between 1 to 3 hours of another, so if you post around the most popular times on Instagram, it might get altered slightly with the algorithm, but hopefully not enough to stop your engagement.

I will definitely try to answer this question better when I learn more about the algorithms.

(PS, I wrote a tiny guide to timing social media posts a few months ago. You can check that out here)

How do you feel about people Instagramming their every meal? - Callie

Okay, so I am a huge supporter of this whole "taking pictures of food" movement for several reasons:

  • First, you're showing something that is happening in your life that your followers can relate to: eating. 
  • Second, you are supporting a local business/restaurant by giving them free advertising. Make sure you tag the local business/restaurant that you are featuring because it will give them more traffic and support them. And who knows, maybe they will give you a shoutout!
  • Third, FOOD IS COOL. Food shouldn't be taken for granted. Show off the cool creations that can be done with food.

FACT: I'm personally obsessed with vegan food pictures. I'm not vegan, but I'm very interested in the lifestyle. (I'm vegetarian but eventually would LOVE to be vegan. It's just not something I can commit to at the moment.)

How did you successfully gain so many followers? - Lea

GREAT QUESTION. So, first of all, I wouldn't say I have a super large amount of active followers. I might have more than some Instagram accounts, but the majority of my followers are spam accounts that don't engage with any of my content. I would really love to see how many of my followers are active and engaged. 

When I first started my accounts, I would follow a BUNCH of people. I would hunt and hunt for people with similar accounts and similar interests and just follow them. Then, they would hopefully follow me back. That is how I kind of got started. Just following people and them following back. 

Then, when I went to college, I followed EVERY person I could find with "Elon '19" in the bio. This led to more people following me back because we had that one thing in common. 

That was overall kind of how I got started. Now, I've been gaining followers through the blogging community online and it's been a lot of fun.

I think the trick is to find your community online and stick to it. Find people that are similar to you in some way and engage with them. You certainly can't get every internet account to follow you, but I could definitely say you can find communities online to  (double) tap into.

What are your favorite hashtags? (what attracts more people?) 

So, yes, hashtags can be annoying, but they can be effective. The trick is to find hashtags that are broad but do in fact relate to your content. I like to put hashtags that like #blogger and #LGBT because they relate to me personally yet they are broad enough that I can fit in those catergories.

Every Instagram post is allowed to have up to 30 hashtags. USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

My method of hashtagging: Make a solid 20 hashtags for every picture on Instagram that can relate to any picture you post. This means broad words that relate to you and your personal brand. Then, for the last ten,  you can add more specific ones based on the picture that you are posting.

So, for me, if I post a picture of a pretty coffee drink (which i do like every other day), the hashtag #blogger works because I'm a blogger, but the hashtag #coffee can work now too. I can't put #coffee on every post because it doesn't always relate!

Save your list of hashtags in the notes app on your phone so you always have them ready to go. Also, ALWAYS PUT THE HASHTAGS IN A COMMENT immediately after you post.

(Every one of my Instagram posts has my hashtags on it in the first comment! You can check them out there)

How to pick a username? - Cathy

It depends on your type of content, your brand, and your aesthetic.


  • try to avoid numbers and underscores.
  • Keep it short and memorable.
  • Alliteration is always fun
  • Put your name/brand in it!

Which social media do u think is gonna die first? - Amber

That is a GREAT QUESTION. We talked about that a lot in my COMM 100 class last year. I would definitely say that Facebook/Instagram aren't going away any time soon. It has definitely been said that Twitter hasn't been doing that well competing with big Facebook. Snapchat is doing very very well, so I don't think that's going anywhere soon.

OVERALL, I honestly don't think I can give a specific website or app that I think is going to disappear, but I can say that the social media sites that have more LIVE aspects are going to prosper this year. This means things like Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat stories, and more. This is because people want content FAST and LIVE.

Can you talk about starting a blog/knowing what to post about/etc??- Taylor

How to start a blog:

  • Decide if you want to do it and DO IT!!! It's a lot of fun!
  • Pick a name and url
  • pick a platform to host it (wordpress,blogspot, squarespace, etc.)
  • Design the blog and make it just how you'd like it
  • make a logo
  • Decide your type of content (pick a passion and stick to it. this could be food, fashion, religion, and more. Mine is social media!)
  • Make a schedule of posting (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Make your first post

Then, post more and more on your blog and keep sharing it on social media!

YOU GOT THIS! (If anyone reading this has a blog, SHARE IT WITH ME! I want to read and support fellow bloggers)

How to have a Instagram theme? How to pick one? So the feed looks nice - Ani

This is something that I still haven't mastered, but I know it's the power of filters. Use the same filter on every picture!

The other thing about strong Instagram themes is that the pictures match with one another in some way. Like every photo is a flatlay or a picture of similar objects. This is done very for food bloggers and fashion bloggers because they are always posting about the same passion. 

However, for me at least, I know I can't do that. So overall, I like to stick to the same filters.

What tips would you recommend to someone trying to market their brand - Lea

  • Make a logo!
  • Follow and engage with brands/people similar to their brand
  • Get on EVERY social media. (at least create a account on them, but use the social media sites that work best with your content.)
  • Constantly make content on regular scheduled basis
  • Create an email specifically for your brand so that prospective businesses can reach you with.

How to construct a bio? - Laura

Instagram bios are important because they are the first thing people see when they click on your username!

Keep it short and spaced. Think of as few words as you can to describe who you are, but has all of the essentials that you need in it.

For me, I wanted to put:

  • my name
  • my title (what I do)
  • my email
  • my location
  • a link to my blog

Take advantage of symbols that you can use to space out the words. These include:  |     -   /    ~   \

Emojis can also work to explain what you are posting in there, without taking up the spaces of words. For example, when I put my email, I put the mail emoji instead of saying "email"

Overall, keep it simple and not wordy.

Is it necessary to have separate Instagram accounts for your blog and personal life? - Nicole

Interesting question! So, for me personally, I didn't want to split my accounts because I wanted people that followed for my existence (Fletcher Rowe) to also follow what I'm passionate about, which is blogging and my FeistyFletch brand.

There are people that have split the account, but I feel like if you do that , you are hiding and separating your passion from your friends. You are also making your friends/followers follow you two different places, which is probably something they probably don't want to do.

So overall, I understand why people do it. They do it to make sure all of their posts are aesthetically matching and they can fully get immensed in the blogging community. However, I think in order to create a presense online, you should have one solid account on every social media outlet so people always know to find you one place.

How long do you think social media will exist and what do you think it will evolve into? - Adam

I definitely that social media is moving to MOBILE and is moving LIVE very quickly. That is why things like Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories exist. I think that social media is going to exist as long as technology exists but it is just going to change a lot.

Thank you so much for sending me your questions! I loved answering them. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me or reach out to me on social media!

Thanks for reading!!! I'll have some more posts coming in the next few weeks, and THEN, September 1st, I'm posting something VERY EXCITING!!!



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