My Final Thoughts of Summer 2016

Well, here we are - my final week of Summer 2016.

It feels like yesterday that I moved out of my dorm and was headed to RVA for the summer.

Time has sweated by. (I say that because it was HOT)

This week,  I wanted to write a quick reflection on my summer! Before this summer, I was told several times that this summer would be tough at times. Whoever told me that - you were so right.

What better way to reflect on life than with a PROS AND CON LIST! Here we go:


Exploring Richmond, Virginia

I got the chance to visit so many cool places in RVA!!

I got to eat at amazing bakeries, explore grand hotels, taste delicious restaurants, energize at adorable coffee shops, and more!

(Let me know if you want me to write at a blog post about some of the places I went!!! I'd recommend so many of them.)


Working at Perk Bon Air

You've probably noticed from my social media, but I LOVE MY JOB. I work at a coffee shop very close to my house and it's an absolute dream come true. I get to work with one of my favorite things in the world (coffee) and help people get through their day with a cup of joe. This summer at Perk! was even better because I got to help run their social media and post daily content on the shop's Facebook and Instagram. If I didn't have Perk!, I'd honestly have nothing to do!

I'm forever thankful to Christophile Konstas, Elizabeth Ellen, & the whole Perk! gang for all they have taught me. Thank you so much for letting me be the Perk baby.


Friends & Family

College is wonderful and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, but the downside is you don't get to see your hometown friends & family for a little while. With that in mind, It was wonderful to hang out with friends, reconnect, and explore RVA together.


Branding Time

Because I didn't have to worry about homework or anything like that this summer, I was able to spend some time working on my own brand, feistyfletch! 

I was able to....

  • create business cards


  • reserve a professional email

---> <---

  • redo my social media layouts

  • clean out my following lists on social media

  • design a t-shirt

  • follow & connect with other bloggers

  • interact with brands for potential collaboration

Overall, I LOVED working on making as great as it can be. I've got some fun stuff up my sleeve, so stay tuned ;-)


Losing Friends

This is something I don't really want to expand on in too much detail because it makes me sad, but I did want to touch on it: This summer, I did lose a few friendships that were created prior to college.

I'm sure everyone has experienced this before and it's very tough.

I'm not going to pretend that I wasn't part of the problem that ended the friendships. Frankly, I caused a few of the "breakups." 

This is something I think about on a regular basis and I feel horrible and I'm so sorry.


The Orlando Shooting on June 12th

This tragic event that occurred in June really messed with my emotions and my heart. I'll never forget sobbing and sobbing as I read about the tragic news online. I took to social media to discuss this. Here's an excerpt from my facebook post on June 12th:

Wow, today has been an emotional day.
I spent the majority of the day on social media learning and reading about the terror that occurred in Orlando last night. It has definitely impacted me more than I thought.
Why? Over 50 innocent people were murdered and even more injured. They were murdered in a gay club, which is supposed to be a SAFE PLACE where they can celebrate who they are and not feel in danger. This is all occurring during Pride Month, a time where the LGBTQIA+community should be celebrating... NOT MOURNING.
I am heartbroken for Orlando. I am heartbroken for America. And most of all, I am heartbroken for the LGBTQIA+ community. This attack is a sad, fatal reminder that the LGBTQIA+ community still isn't universally respected. We are still targeted and discriminated, even in spaces that we call our own.
Today shows me why when I came out to my dad, he started sobbing because he was worried about my safety.


Missing Friends From School

Every day this summer, I would scroll through social media and see friends from school posting pictures and think, "I MISS THEM SO MUCH." Going from seeing someone everyday to not seeing them is a tough transition I didn't really like. CAN'T WAIT TO REUNITE WITH MY ELON FAM.

Final Thoughts of my Final Thoughts

Before this summer started, I was told that it was going to be tough some times, and it really was. On the positive side of things, I was able to work at an amazing coffee shop, see friends & family, and explore RVA. However, I was always thinking about school and wanting to get back to working towards my ultimate goal of becoming an online influencer and having a career in social media. I got quite upset several times this summer because of loneliness due to lost friendships, distance from college friends, and tragedies in the media. However, I worked through that sadness and spent time on my personal goals & personal happiness during those times.

Thank you to everyone that was a part of my summer! Whether we worked together, hung out, or spoke online, I APPRECIATE YOU. You made me smile and kept me going.

How was your summer? Did you experience any similar feelings that I did? Let me know in the comments or on social media!

I've got more blog posts coming your way each week, so keep up with me on social media to see when they debut! Trust me, I've got something coming in the next few weeks you WON'T want to miss!




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