13 Things You Need to Survive College (College Essentials)


HOW IS EVERYONE? Y'all, August starts in a few days - THAT'S CRAZY. I feel like it was just yesterday that the summer began.

Well, with the summer coming to an end, back-to-school season is starting up. That means.... back to school SHOPPING! Some poeple love it. Some people hate it. I personally think it's fun, but do it early! Start now!

I read an amazing blog post from fellow Elon student Erin McDowell about college essentials and it inspired me to write my own! (Shoutout to her for killing the blogging game)

Today, I'm giving you my own FEISTY list of college essentials.


1. A solid planner

Now, if any of you are like me, when it comes to planning, I can't use apps or computer calenders. I really need to write it down to fully remember it. I ordered this custom planner from Etsy for 2016 and I LOVE IT. This particular planner store allowed you to customize the name on the front as well as what type of planner it is (monthly, weekly, hourly). I went with hourly so I can plan out every hour of every day. The downside to this planner is that there isn't much room to write down homework assignments and things like that, so you might have to get another type of notebook. 

Check out the Etsy store here.

2. A perfectly sized backpack

Backpacks are essential! There are tons of different types of backpacks, but I went for a simple backpack with a laptop sleeve and a zip pocket in the front. I didn't want a backpack that was too big so I didn't feel like I needed to carry a bunch of stuff with me. I usually have my phone, keys, wallet, laptop, laptop charger, and any books I need for class that day with me. That all fits pretty good in this backpack. It doesn't seem too small or too roomy!

You can grab this backpack from Hershel Supply on Amazon here. (I got it on sale for like $40 and I'm using it again this year!)

3. A computer

Everything is pretty much based on the internet now, so you are going to need a laptop. Again, there are several different types of laptops, but I have used macbooks for the last few years and they have worked wonders. It is definitely a solid purchase, but make sure to take advantage of the student discounts and the promotions they have!! This is a big purchase, so any penny saved helps!

This picture includes a case that I ordered on Etsy here and a bunch of stickers I ordered on redbubble.

4. LOTS of phone chargers and headphones

STOCK UP. People will snatch these and you will lose them. Trust me, you'll need these QUITE often.

I'd say buy a bunch of cheap chargers and headphones you have plenty of them.

TIP: Get a pair of headphones and a charger designated specifically to stay in your dorm room so they will always be there and don't get lost. Do the same for your backpack. This should help them not go missing.

5. A lanyard

Lanyards will help make your keys a little more obvious because you need to make sure you have them at all times! Show off school pride with a school lanyard that you can swing around when you are bored. :)

6. Laundry supplies


  1. A solid bag to hold your dirty clothes.
  2. A bulk size container of those detergent pods.
  3. Big box of dryer sheets.
  4. Start collecting quarters too (if the machines at your school need them).

6. Notebooks

You'll need plenty of notebooks to write down all of the stuff you've got going on between classes and extracurricular activities. You can grab cute cheap notebooks at places like Target, Walmart, and HomeGoods. I actually received the one in this picture from my Perk! family :) 

7. Highlighters

Highlighters jazz up your notes and your studying. Invest a solid pack of assorted color highlighters so you can entertain yourself while studying.

8. Dress clothes

Now this is something that I never see mentioned on lists, but you are probably going to need dress clothes for different formal events at school. SO, make sure you have some formal attire that you can throw on in case you have to give a fancy presentation for class or go to a sorority/fraternity formal!

9. Some decor

Now, you don't have to go as crazy as I did in this picture above, but I would definitely say get a few things to spice up your dorm room. It really is going to be your home for 75% of a year, so you want it to make you feel comfy. Check out Target, HomeGoods, online stores, and more for cheap decor. Also, you can craft things with your friends! I made those social media icons (I knwo they are badly done, but I tried haha).

10. Basic Medicine and first aid things

I became Nurse Fletch in my suite last year. Bring headache meds, cold medicine, bandaids, and other basic meds. You or someone who lives near you will thank you later.

11. A rain jacket

Double check to make sure you have one!! You'll need it more often than you think.

12. If you wear glasses, BRING A SPARE. 

It's college, things happen. I fortunately had a spare pair of glasses after mine broke during one of the last weeks of the spring semester.

13. A water bottle

Water bottles are better for the environment, keep you hydrated, and make you feel like you have your life together, SO GET ONE! I got this cute one from Izola, but you can find them all over the place. You'll definitely want one while you are studying in the library, at the gym, or just walking around campus on a hot day.

You can grab this Izola water bottle here. (I got it on sale!)

What are your college essentials? Comment below and reach out to me on social media and let me know!

I'm going for a more minimalist look in my dorm for the fall! I'll post pics as soon as I'm all moved in.




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