10,000 Tweets Later: My Top 10 Favorite Tweets

So I just hit 10,000 tweets.... um, that definitely shows that I'm addicted.

I love Twitter!! Now, I'm definitely aware that Snapchat and Instagram have become the more relevant social media platforms for millennials like me, but I think I will always be a Twitter addict through and through.

Today, to "celebrate" (I don't why anyone would celebrate this), I want to step back in Twitter history, and go over 10 of my favorite tweets I've ever created. 

LET'S (Pokemon) GO: 

1) That time I realized my parents named me after medicine that makes you poop.

I ponder this daily.

2) How I feel every night during #SPORTS things

*clicks on trending hashtag*

*realizes it's about sports*

*gets confused and clicks away*

3) That time someone tweeted about wanting to block me.

I'm sure they had good reason!!!

4) When my favorite Youtubers RT'd me

Mark E Miller & Ethan Hethcote are two Youtube vloggers/online content creators/awesome gay dudes that I love very dearly! I ordered one of their t-shirts, tweeted about it, and they shared it! Definitely made me smile :)

5) That time I got the best Christmas present ever - 2,000+ RETWEETS

I'll give you a quick background story on this:

It was early Christmas morning and I was bored just going on social media. I saw that Snapchat came out with this cool filter that covered all of these awesome cultural references. I tweeted about it, and then this happened. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

Fun fact: this tweet was stolen by over 10 World Star Accounts and screenshotted on Instagram and received over 280,000+ likes. (I should be upset, but I'm more HYPE.)

6) When I received an essential notification.

This is great news for a proud millennial like myself!

7) My true dad form came alive.

Thank you Jane for this bizarre masterpiece. (Why does it have over 2,700 loops???)

 You can watch it here:

8) When Pentatonix (aka their social media manager) recognized my existence.

Backstory: Pentatonix tickets were available. I bought some. Tweeted about it. They responded and followed me.

To me, that's like winning the lottery!!!

9) That time I supported women & feminism during the Super Bowl.

This comes from that iconic #LikeAGirl SuperBowl ad from Always. Definitely one of my favorite ads of all time.

10) That time my brother asked me the FUNNIEST question.

I don't know the answer :-)

Do you have any favorite tweets that you've posted? I'd love to read them/ retweet them! Send them to me on any social media!

Cheers to 10,000 tweets and hopefully 10,000 MORE. FOLLOW ME IF YOU WANT: @feistyfletch  (I'll tweet-stalk you of course)

LOVE Y'ALL! More blog posts coming soon :) 




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