Accent Challenge with Nicole Ackman (VIDEO)

Hello, feisty friends!

Today, I wanted to present the first part of the COLLAB that I did with one of my favorite people in the world - NICOLE ACKMAN

Nicole is a junior here at Elon University who is obsessed with social media, HAMILTON, England, Taylor Swift, and more. She is a Strategic Communications and History double major from North Carolina. She wants to work in theatre PR and social media! She is one of the most quirky people that I know, and I LOVE HER FOR THAT! She is a fellow blogger and internet addict like me :)

We filmed a few Youtube videos together yesterday, and I wanted to share the video she uploaded! It is an Accent Challenge, inspired by Zoella and Marcus Butler (some of her fave British Youtubers) and it was a BLAST! Warning: I'm really bad at accents!


You can find Nicole all of these places online:

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I will be posting the other video(s) we made LATER THIS WEEK!