How to Perfectly Time Your Instagram Photos


Hello, World!


Picture this: You have a Insta-ready photo on your phone. It's a picture of some delicious coffee you had when you caught up with one of your best friends. You've filtered it with C1/A8/P5/other filter from VSCO Cam. You've come up with a clever, punny caption about loving your friend a LATTE and you are ready to share it with your followers. You're about to hit the blue Share bar at the bottom when you start thinking..

"Wait, is this the right time to post?"

That's the question I want to help you answer today.

Through my social media addiction, I've started to notice that timing is everything when it comes to posting online. If you know just exactly when your friends and family are scrolling, you can better ensure more double taps and comments. It's TIME (pun intended) to get started: 

1)  Here are your Prime Times!

I've personally noticed that there is more activity and traffic on Instagram on certain days of the week. I know that sounds like it doesn't make sense, but it's something I've rolled with for the past few years and it seems to be doing something. So, I'll lay it all out for you:

MONDAY - Not the best day... #ManCandyMonday and #MotivationMonday/#MondayMotivation are all very popular on this day, but it's still not your best day! If you post, go ahead and post between 6 - 8.

TUESDAY - #TransformationTuesday is very popular on this day. Again, not the best day... stick with 6-8.

WEDNESDAY - This is one of the better days to post. Post between 6-8pm. I have no explanation as to why it's one of the better days, but I've noticed it! (#WomanCrushWednesday and #WCW are popular on this day as well)

*THURSDAY - GO GO GO. THIS IS THE DAY. #ThrowbackThursday and #TBT are what make this day so important! Post between 5:30-8:30!! DO IT!!!

FRIDAY - If I were you, I wouldn't post today! Friday is the end of the week so people are getting ready for the weekend and finishing up classes. You can post if you'd like, but make it between 6-8 pm. I'd save it for Sunday though.

SATURDAY- Again, not a great day to post! This is the day I'm personally least likely to post. People are out doing things for the weekend or sleeping in. Honestly, save it for Sunday.

*SUNDAY- GO GO GO! You can post anytime on this day between 2pm and 9pm. Posts like #SelfieSunday and #ss are trending on Sundays. Sunday is the best day to post!


  • Thursday and Sunday are your way to go. If not those, go Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

  • Posting between 6 - 8 on weekdays is a safe bet.

  • But try to avoid Friday and Saturday.


2) Consider Time Zones

Now, this is not something I regularly think about because I've lived on the East coast, I go to school on the East coast, and the majority of my followers live on the East coast. However, if you're not like this, just think about where some of your followers are coming from and cater to that. If you are from California and you go to school on the East Coast, you might consider posting a little earlier and meet the time zones in the middle.

ALSO: If you are traveling, keep in mind that you may be in a different time zone! Post whenever the majority of your active followers will be awake and online.

3) Holidays are TOTALLY different.

Everything I just described doesn't apply for a few different occasion. Those include holidays, snow days, or any other reason that people wouldn't be busy and people would be checking social media.

So, if you have school off because of snow, go ahead and post a cute snow picture! If it is Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving, people are going to be on their phone constantly all day while waiting for family meals to be served or waiting in the car until to they get to their family member's house. So, go ahead and POST POST POST! (and remember to use holiday hashtags) 


I hope this helps you INSTA-ntly!

(haha, I'm too punny... it's scary)


If you ever need help on your social media in regards to when to post, what filters to use, and more... you can contact me!

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I'll be back soon with more fun, FEISTY (and hopefully helpful) content soon!


Thanks for reading!

Fletcher Rowe