5 Ways to Brand Yourself Online and Offline



Today, I am going to be giving you some tips and tricks on how to brand yourself. Now, this isn't just your standard "list of social media tips." Today,  I wanted to give you a general overview of how to fully understand yourself and what your brand would be. Think of yourself as a small business, and this is your startup plan. Alrighty, let's jump right in:

1)  A memorable (user)name

Online: This is one of the key parts to employers and other accounts to get in touch with you. You need to keep your name simple and professional. Now, the classic way is to do your first and last name. This shows that what you are putting out into the world is authentically you. However, if you want to add a little pizzazz or personality to your online presence, you can come up with a fun username. The process of making a "fun" username can be stressful, but it will be worth it. So, if you are a blogger, you can make your username something involving what you post. For example, if you a fashion and food fanatic, your username could be @fashionablefoodie. Something simple, fun, and memorable is key.

Offline: Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to people. Let people get to know you. Make yourself a presence that people will remember. Whether that is done with your work ethic, the conversations you have, or the questions you ask, you can make yourself someone that others will never forget.


2) Get on every social network

Online: Now that you have a memorable username, get on every social media platform! Start accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all of the rest (there are new ones coming up practically monthly). If you do this, you'll be adding potential new followers on a bunch of websites. It's important that you keep that same username that you thought of earlier and make it the same on all of your accounts. This is because when you are introducing yourself online and offline, you can just say, "Hi I'm __________, and you can find me online as @________." Simple, right?

Offline: There are social networks outside of the digital world! Get involved in your school and community. Join clubs. Try new things. Meet new people. As you do this, you will meet tons of new people and potential co-workers/friends. Think of joining a new organization or club as not only something to do when you aren’t working, but think of it as an opportunity to meet new people and show more people what you have to offer.


3) Website/Blog

Online: Now that you are on every social media platform, you still need to build a home online. Think of all of the social media sites as your multiple offices, and your blog as your home.  Think of something you are passionate about, whether it is social media, food, fashion, books, the environment, etc. Write about that. Blog about what you do or think about when you aren't at school or at work. That will guarantee that your blog is full of your authentic passions. Blogs allow for employers and friends to get an insider look at who you are.

Offline: Blogs are pretty much all online, but don’t be afraid to tell people about your creations. Create business cards. Create a logo. If someone asks you if you have a fun fact, say that you run a blog. Be your own billboard!


4) Personality


Online: Describe your social persona: are you more serious and stern? Or are you more loud and outgoing? Whatever you are, make your online profile reflect that. Don't be someone completely different IRL (in real life) than you are online. Stay authentic and honest to you. Use social media as a way to fuel your personality instead of creating a fake version of yourself. That's as professional as it gets.

Offline: Try as best as you can to be social. Get to know tons of different types of people. Find people with similar interests. Express yourself!

5) Keep content going

Online: Okay, so now you have your username, accounts, blog, and your consistent personality. What's next: OH, CONTENT! That's kind of important, right? So, start making stuff. Written posts, tweets, photos, videos, podcasts... whatever you want! As long as you are constantly being yourself and showing who you are and what you do. Don't stop! Make a schedule if you need! You can schedule tweets and blog posts. The issue with social media is that there is so much happening at once, but if you constantly have something to offer, you won't be falling behind other accounts.

Offline: This doesn't just apply to online content. Always keep building relationships with your friends, professors, and fellow classmates.


I hope that some of these tips will allow you to become more confident in yourself and your brand!

Until next time,

Fletcher Rowe