highly caffeinated. {a feistyfletch narrative} (VIDEO)

Hello friends,

I've got some new content for you today – A VIDEO! Check it out:

I created this video as a final project for one of my classes, but I decided I wanted to share it with because it's about one of my favorite things in the world - COFFEE.  

*sips latte*  HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Shoutout to the following for their help on this project:

Press Coffee+Crepes in Graham, NC

Filament Coffee + Tea in Mebane, NC (thanks, Caleb)

The Oak House in Elon, NC

Blaine Williamson's hands 


Here's the transcript of Highly Caffeinated:

As we grow older, things change. People enter and leave our lives, we move around, and we evolve as human beings.
Throughout these experiences, there are very few things that stay constant. However, for many of us, there are the littles things. For me, it’s coffee.
Coffee, a drink that’s praised by college students and exhausted adults, is a part of my everyday life – and it has always been.
I remember waking up and seeing my mom drink her morning coffee. If it got too cold, she would brew some more.
 I recall seeing my dad’s car floor with scattered empty gas station coffee cups. He’s not a picky man when it comes to his caffeine. 
I can picture watching my brother pour packets of sugar in his already super sweet drink. He still loves that now.
I remember hanging out and doing homework at coffee shops with my mom while we waited for my brother to get out of school. Even when my parents got a divorce, we continued this tradition.
I remember tasting my first sip of black coffee and resenting it. I still cherish my first sip of black coffee that I appreciated.
I can’t forget the relationships I created with the kind baristas who’ve made my daily pick-me-up. I’m friends with them on Facebook still today.
I look back on the times that I was reading the menu and trying to decipher the hieroglyphics of coffee language. I learn something new every time I read it through.
I still see the streets of New York City in my head, recollecting the Starbucks on every corner and the local cafes on certain streets. I plan to live there one day.
I remember walking into my local coffee shop and asking to wash dishes. I still work there today.
I remember traveling and always making a point to see what the coffee scene was like where I was exploring. Some trips were even based around coffee shops I’ve heard about.
I’m now in college. I drink coffee at least twice a day, if not more. It’s kept me up through procrastinated papers and those early-bird 8ams.
As I changed throughout my life, my coffee order changed. When the seasons change, my coffee changes.

I hope you all enjoyed my video. It's definitely different than anything I've ever created, and now that I know how to use my camera a little more, I might try to make other things like it. Let me know what else you'd like to see.

Also, over my winter break, I'm going to start planning what's going to be happening here on feistyfletch.com in 2017. It's going to be even FEISTIER. 

Love you all! 



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