New Year, New Approach (+ Exciting News!)

Hello, everyone!

We've reached the final post of 2016. Woah, time has flown by. 2016 has been a year full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, and even some flips. History has been made this year in good and bad ways. (I probably don't need to go into details.)

Now, I reflected a lot on my personal 2016 experience in my last blog post. If you didn't get a chance to read it, you can read that here: "Am I okay? Well, sorta."

In summary, it was about how I haven't been feeling 100% myself lately because I was overwhelmed, overworked, and ready for a fresh start. Well, that fresh start is finally here...

2017 – a brand new year.

Now, don't worry, this isn't going to be the usual "new year, new me" post. That's because it's not possible to grow that fast and that phrase has become very cliché.

Most people create a list of New Year's Resolutions, which is what I actually did last year. It's usually a list of goals that are sometimes do-able and sometimes so far-fetched and broad there's no way to determine if they happened. I went over my 2015 list, and I'd say I completed probably a fourth of them. (The only completely objective one was vegetarianism – I had no meat during 2016.)

Instead, I want to approach 2017 resolutions in a different way. I don't want to give myself huge stressful goals that are going to be difficult to reach and might upset me if I don't hit them. I tried that this year and it ended up being a really tough year for me. 


My new approach: Process = Progress


For 2017, I'm going to leave my past mistakes and anxiety behind me, plan how I'm going to reach my goals, and log my progress as I go along. I'm going to look at it as a process rather than a goal.


I'll give you three examples of how I'm going to do this:

1) The process of getting more organized.

I've gotten a new planner, new stationery, and new pens. I'm going to work week by week to perfect what makes me feel most organized. Once I feel it's right, I will stick to a pattern.

In years past, I would have expected myself to figure it out Jan. 1st. However, this time around, I'm going to look at what works best for me, get creative, and watch it happen.


2) The process of self care.

This means improving my sleeping patterns, eating patterns, and overall well-being. With that, I'm going to logging what I'm eating, how much I'm sleeping, and what I've been doing for myself. This will help me take a look at what decisions make me happiest and what I should remove in my life patterns. 


3) The process of social media improvement.

For this, I will be creating a social media + blogging calendar each month so that my content is prepared and as solid as it can be. I will putting a focus on using Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live more. Also, I will be working on following new content creators and engaging with them.

I will be using this blog as a platform to describe my progress of these three goals  of organization, self care, and brand development so I can reflect and get feedback from you all. With this new system of goal setting in mind, my first action in 2017 is a big one...


I'm leaving the country for almost a month.

(Yes, you read that right.)


During my winter term (a semester where I take one class in between my fall & spring semesters), I will be going to Europe for 3 weeks. I'll be taking an architecture course and going to Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal. It's going to be a lot of traveling, a lot of fun, and a lot of cool Instagram opportunities (wow, I'm just too millennial).

I'm going to take this opportunity to explore the world, while also thinking about my personal happiness and goals for 2017. One of my daily assignments for the class is to journal in a notebook, so I'm going to write about my travels as well as things I want to work on when I return to America.

I'm going to be trying to disengage from the anxieties, drama, and mistakes of 2016. I want to return with a clear mind and lots of cool stories to tell. I will have my phone with me and probably my computer, but I will have limited service, data, and time.

With that said...I've got good news and bad news.

Bad News: I won't be blogging again until January 31st.

Good News: I'll be writing every Tuesday + Thursday when I return!


Whether it's a playlist, a video, a social media guide, or just a life update, there will be something going up on this website.

The reason I'm going to make this happen is because I'm taking one less class next semester, so I'm going to have a few more free hours a week. Also, this blog has become something special in my life and my career aspirations, so I want to spend way more time making it as feisty as possible.

I want to work on different types of posts, get connected to brands for potential sponsorships, and ultimately make the biggest impact I can in my little corner of the internet. If you have any ideas or anything you want me to write about, please let me know!

Thank you all so much for sticking with me during this rollercoaster of a year. I'm so excited to see what 2017 holds for all of us. Let me know what your resolutions are and your big plans are for 2017.

Happy New Year! If you're partying to celebrate, be safe, stick with friends, and CALL AN UBER if necessary.

Love you all! See you in 2017 :) 



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