Here's Why I Love Twitter (+ you should too)

Let's talk Twitter.

Every single person that's ever made any contact with me probably knows the following: I love social media. Like a lot. 

One of my favorite parts of social media involves that tiny little blue bird - Twitter.

Now, recently, Twitter has been in the spotlight for not doing well compared to its competitors and also announcing the deactivation of Vine, the app that they bought that created 6-second phenomenons. 

On top of that, most of my friends, both in the communications school and out, don't use Twitter. They say things like "Twitter is dead" and "I never tweet." That makes me really sad.


Today, I wanted to explain some reasons why I love Twitter and I think you should long back in and start tweetin'. Here we go:


1. You can connect with your favorite celebrities + brands.

Now, you probably enjoy a lot of different music, celebrities, sports players, etc. Sometimes, it feels like you will never get to meet them or see them in real life. Twitter gives you an opportunity to digitally connect. Whether it is a response to your tweet, a retweet, or even a followback, it gets you step more connected than you were before. It's pretty cool. 

2. You can support your friend's content and literally put it on your timeline.

When you are scrolling through Instagram, I'm sure you're double tapping and commenting on your friend's posts. You love giving your friends love and supporting their online content That's awesome and a wonderful way to stay connected with them and to show your appreciation.

However, what if you want to go one step closer? What if you want to show that photo to your own followers?

Well,  a cool aspect of Twitter that Instagram doesn't utilize is a sharing feature. When you like an Instagram photo quite a lot, you can't put it anywhere to show it to your own followers. On Twitter, you can retweet and quote your favorite tweets from friends + other people you follow. You can support your friend's content and spread it to thousands of more people.

3. It's normal to post more than once a day, unlike Facebook and Instagram.

This is probably my favorite part of the culture of Twitter - I can tweet a bunch in one day and that's totally okay.

It's not like it is on Instagram, where one post on Instagram a day can be seen as too much (and two is practically murder). Also, people don't post several statuses on Facebook a day.

On Twitter, you can tweet things in the morning, before you go to bed, at meals, during class (hi mom and dad), and more. People are constantly scrolling, retweeting, and liking.

4. Twitter Moments will keep you up to date on big news in lots of categories.

This is one of my favorite features of Twitter and it's actually one of it's newest. Twitter Moments is a part of Twitter that takes big news stories and current event/trends and turns them into their own "moment." These moments are a curation of different tweets about the topic at hand from all kinds of different people. It can be the public, celebrities, organizations, magazines, and more. They can be about politics, sports, news, entertainment, or something fun.

I'll give an example: When Lady Gaga's new album came out, the world was super pumped (so was I... #Joanne is so good). Well, Twitter created a "Moment" for the release, which included tweets from Gaga, reactions from fans, reviews from Magazines, announcements from Apple & Spotify, and more. 

I think it's just a new and creative way to learn about what's happening in the world. My personal favorite moments are the "What You Need to Know Today" moments, which sort different important news stories I might have missed.

5. You can post so many different kinds of content.

Logging on Twitter, I can...

tweet a quirky joke.

post a video of me performing my civic duties (plz vote).

post a cute selfie.

post some funny gifs using the gif keyboard.

tweet a poll asking something random to everyone.

 host a live-stream for no reason.

The possibilities are endless!!!

6. You'll learn how to speak your mind with fewer words.

Definitely an important skill when it comes to resumes, emails, interviews, and more.

My mind thinks in 140 character statements because of Twitter, so I'm able to express myself with less words when necessary.

7. There are potential networking and employment opportunities.


I've heard friends get employment opportunities and connections...all through Twitter! I myself have been reached out by fellow online content creators through Twitter - it's awesome.

I feel like people get scared that employers look at social media, but it is actually such a great opportunity to show off more of what you got. Think of social media as a resume that is constantly being updated.


You can tweet all about the amazing things you are doing within your potential career field and that will look great when an employer could be looking you up online before an interview. Also, you can keep up with your potential employer and your industry in preparation for interviews and networking.

8.  Analytics is so cool!

Twitter's analytics features are INSANE. You can find out your target audiences, the impressions of your tweets, how your account has done over time, and more. It's very very insightful and helpful for online content creators like myself. 

9. Live tweeting makes events 100x more fun.

Live tweeting with a specific hashtag totally changes the experience of watching anything.

Award shows, sports, political debates, tv shows, and more are made so much more interactive & interesting with Twitter. If you are watching the Oscars, you can react with the world on social media with the hashtag #Oscars. Twitter is busy and fun on nights like that because you can post your reactions, agree with others, learn what the celebs are thinking, and more. Also, if you can't actually watch the show, you can scroll through Twitter to learn what's going on.

I personally love live tweeting. I've live tweeted a few award shows and TV shows, and it's so fun because you get to bond with other people that are enjoying it with you AND there is lots of chance for engagement because people are retweeting and responding to everything related to what you are watching.

10. Anyone can go viral.

Seriously, if you come up with something that's really funny or interesting... it can be seen by over 100,000 people in less than a day.

It might happen randomly - like it did to me. I've talked about this before, but one time, I just tweeted something about a snapchat filter during Christmas last year... it got over 2,000 retweets and was taken by over 10 huge accounts.

I wasn't expecting it. It wasn't planned. It happened to me, so it can DEFINITELY happen to you.

I hope that all of those reasons encourage you to consider logging back into Twitter. It seriously is an awesome social media platform (that I'm weirdly passionate about).

I can proudly say Twitter is my favorite social media platform.

You can follow me at @feistyfletch on Twitter for daily shenanigans, my reactions to current events, lots of gifs, and more.

Do you use Twitter? If you don't, did you used to?  Let me know in the comments - or on Twitter!

I've got a video coming for you soon!

Until next time,