#FloridaFellows2016 Day 5: A Production Company, Passionate Ad Agency, and Beautiful Theatrical Piece of History


Today were our last professional visits in Tampa and I've gotta say I'm pretty bummed. It's been so cool to be able to go into companies and ask questions and get the real scoop of our potential futures.


It was cool to go to a completely different production studio this morning. It was called CMR Productions. It was definitely more dated and seemed to have a good reputation and award winning work. One of the guys we talked to had won an African Oscar for one of his films! SO COOL. I had never seen a foley studio (post production sound creation), so that was probably my favorite part. Again, as interesting as it was, it didn't SPARK my interest like SPARK did this afternoon.

--- SPARK ---

I've got to say SPARK was definitely my favorite visit of the week. It is another advertising agency in Florida that is part of my LIFE GOALS. Their art style in their work, the design of the office, and the friendliness of the people who worked there definitely made it stand out in my mind. It was particularly cool because I had followed them on Twitter a few days before and they actually tweeted me! Then, when we got there, they tweeted to Felicia Salden and I how excited they were to see us. I THOUGHT THAT WAS SO COOL, and showed how they fun and genuine the people are there. I spoke with the head of the Social Media department for a while, and she was really open and really seemed to love her job. I asked her about the hours, programs she used, and more. Definitely a highlight of this entire trip.


The Tampa Theater WAS SO COOL. It reminded me of some of the theaters we have in Richmond, Virginia. I really do think theaters like that are under appreciated. Each detail that was explained was so cool to hear about, and I'm so glad that it is still being used.

Overall with professional visits, I definitely know that I want to do social media. Ad agencies seem like a place I could work, but it amazed me how each was very different. I learned through this trip that I'll need to know a little bit about everything just so I can stay multitalented and able to work on different types of projects. Production doesn't spark my interest, but I'm glad I got to see the behind the scenes of the work. Also, the news station was less stressful than I thought it would be.

I'm PUMPED because we are going to the beach tomorrow!

I CAN'T WAIT! Talk to you soon :)



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