#FloridaFellows2016 Day 4: Shadowing at PP+K


Day 4 in Florida, already? Geez, we'll be back at Elon before we know it.

Today, I shadowed at PP+K with Felicia Salden! This was one of the organizations that we toured earlier this week as a group. When I visited earlier in the week, I definitely began to fall in love with the office and the agency. This trip sealed the deal.

When Felicia and I arrived, we were greeted by Kyle, who is an Account Executive at PP+K. She told us how we were being given the opportunity to visit each section of the agency and see how each of the different sections worked.We looked at:

Account (Finding and connecting with Clients)
Creative (Creation of ideas and concepts)
Social (Social Media)
Media (Media Analytics/Media Buying)
Production (cinema/filming/etc)

Each part of the company was completely different, and it was interesting to see how each part worked together so smoothly. An open floor plan and a friendly environment dominated the work space. One key part of the company is the fact that people in each department end up doing tasks that involve different departments because the employees are multitalented and can assist anything.

Being able to see each part of the company helped me notice what positions I could see myself doing and see myself NOT doing. For example, I was considering a double major in media analytics, but after hearing from the Media team, I am reconsidering because it don't sound like my cup of tea.

My favorite section was definitely the Social Media team. I talked with them about how they do strategic planning and content creation for the social media of their clients. I discussed third party applications, the typical day at the office, and the importance of keeping up with current events. It was very helpful, and I DEFINITELY could see myself doing that one day!

Overall, my shadowing experience was wonderful because I was placed in a company that I could definitely see myself working at, but I also was taught some more about the advertising business as a whole and what it exactly all means. Furthermore, I learned a little bit more about myself and what positions I don't see myself in.

Can't wait for tomorrow!



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