#FloridaFellows2016 Day 3: A Writing Class, Surprise Agency Visit, and A Seagull Attack


This trip is flying by - guess time flies when you're having fun... because I'm having a blast! Being able to explore a new city and state with some pretty amazing people has been so much fun. This is definitely a great way to start the new year. 

Today we went to 2 different organizations and then had lunch on the beach!  My favorite part of this trip is the fact that each day of the trip has been completely different. I'm so grateful to be able to go on trips like this :)

--- Poynter Institute ---

Poynter is a journalism training institute that has a goal of helping to make the world a better place by educating journalists. They also have a complete online school that can allow students from across the country take classes and read texts books about how to improve their media writing. We had the honor of being able to take a class with published author Roy Peter Clark.

We took a very interesting and helpful class that taught us some keys tools when it comes to writing. It was super cool also because he had a musical keyboard and he played us classic rock songs and explained to us how music and writing are similar. It was interesting to hear how music and writing have similar methods in emphasizing certain words and notes to get your message across.  We analyzed sentences and showed how you can rearrange and create the same meaning to a sentence, but it's all about the order that creates the power of the words. This is definitely a skill I will bring with me during my college career and beyond.

Overall, I am not a journalism major and I was worried it would be all about journalist's writing and the key to success in that. However, I was so excited and glad it was a broader class that was able to help people in all communications fields. It was definitely a very rewarding class because I learned quite a lot while being able to interact with a very intelligent professor who knew what he was talking about.

--- Pyper Young ---

Photo from instagram.com/linz_case

Photo from instagram.com/linz_case

The next place we went wasn't actually on the original agenda, which made the visit even more fun and exciting! We stopped by Pyper Young, which is an advertising agency in St. Petersburg, Florida. I love visiting these places because these are the places I can see myself working one day. 

It was a wonderful presentation about how ad agencies involving many different moving parts such as media, strategy, creative, social media (my fave), and digital/interactive. We learned about how PR and advertising are different, but it is very important that they talk to each other and work together.

I loved how Pyper Young mentioned how they used the phrase "passion is everything" in one of their recent campaigns. I love that phrase because I personally think that passion is the most important thing a person should have when it comes to where they work. I'm excited to see if I end up somewhere cool like that or somewhere completely different.

-- Cabby's On The Beach ---

We had a lovely lunch at a delicious seafood shack in Treasure Island (yes, it exists). It was super yummy and really fun to walk on the beach. It was too cold and cloudy to swim, but us communications kids still enjoyed it by walking on the beach and taking silly photos. Oh, and Felicia and I got attacked by seagulls... but WE SURVIVED.

Today was a successful day! Can't wait for tomorrow where I am actually shadowing at PP+K (which was featured on Day 1's post) with Felicia! 



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