#FloridaFellows2016 Day 2: Two Completely Different Companies...and some shopping

Hello Feisty Flamenco Dancers! 

Today was the second day in Tampa, and it was just as cool as yesterday. We went to two different companies today in the Tampa Bay area, but they were very different. It was quite fascinating to see the difference between two different types of work that are put under the same communications realm.


The first company that we departed to was Nielsen, which is known as the main media analytics corporation of the world. If you've ever seen the Family Guy episode where the company sends the Nilsen Family box to monitor Peter's TV, it's that company! It was really interesting to realize just how much information that this company can get. They are active in 106 countries! 

My favorite part of the company was how enthusiastic the people that work there were. Most of the people that we met had worked there for a long time and really did enjoy it.

It was interesting to hear about how the Nielsen company has to stay unbiased so that their data does not skew to promote one brand over another.

Furthermore, The brand has a focus on showing students just what they do, ranging from college kids all the way to middle schoolers. I really enjoyed hearing how they value education and students. 

Lastly, one of the most important parts of a company to me is whether the company finds value in diversity, and it turns out that Nilsen is well known for it's programs regarding inclusion and diversity. That sounds pretty great to me!

Overall, I would say that Nielsen was very fascinating and it was nice to meet people that represent such a huge company. I definitely that the media analytics industry involves quite a lot of math and engineering, which aren't things I'm particularly great at! However, the value of media analytics grows day by day.


Diamond View Studios was the other company that we visited today! It is a production company that has done tons of award-winning work. It interested me WAY MORE than I thought it would. Like PP+K, it had a really cool, modern work space that valued the community aspects of the work place.

The coolest part however, was the downstairs studio! It looked like a set of a music video! IT WAS SO COOL! I'm so glad I got to see something like it. I know for a fact that I won't be going into film or television, but I appreciate the creativity and technology that goes along with it. Everything that is created in that space is thought through and carefully planned, and I really appreciate that!



After the tours of the companies, I went to the Tampa International Plaza with my fellow Comm fellow Gabby, and it was fun! It was definitely one of the most expensive malls I've ever seen, but I still enjoyed it. There was also a Chipotle in the food court, which was something I had never seen and did enjoy!

Can't wait for tomorrow!


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