#FloridaFellows2016 Day 1: Exploring a News Station, Ad Agency, and Ybor City

Hello, feisty Floridians! 


This is the first post of a 10 day series about my trip with the Communications Fellows to the Sunshine state of Florida! We are here to visit different media organizations as well as explore the cities of Tampa and Orlando! This has been such a fun trip thus far and I cannot wait to share with you all of the fun! :)

My first plane ride since being adopted when I was 8 months old! 

My first plane ride since being adopted when I was 8 months old! 

ALRIGHTY, here we go:

Today was a successful first day in the city of Tampa! It was definitely different than I expected for a few reasons. First, it's MUCH cooler than I expected. I didn't even pack a light sweater for this kind of weather. However, I've had too much fun to even notice!

 --- Channel 10 WTSP ---

Our trip to Channel 10 WTSP was much more interesting than I thought. Honestly, I expected to not enjoy it because the broadcasting news has always seemed like a constantly stressful job. However, watching the 12:00 broadcast made it seem like a more relaxed, yet prepared professional job. The anchor wasn't scrambling to figure out what to say or anything like that. He had a script and other crew around him to support him. Also, seeing the meteorologist use the green screen and knowing the map in her head was super cool! That was something I've always wondered about.

Overall, I enjoyed the trip because I got to see behind the scenes of something I've watched on screens since I was young (ROBOTIC CAMERAS, WHAT?). However, I do know it is not the right career path for me. If there was one part of me I saw there, it the fact that their reliance on social media was very significant, which wasn't surprising and something I enjoyed noticing.

--- PP+K (advertising agency) ---


The trip to PP+K was exactly what I expected: SO AWESOME. Today's trip reinforced my dreams of wanting to work in a field involving strategic communications. Learning about how creativity and strategy come together to make award-winning ads and campaigns makes me so happy. I could totally see myself working somewhere in the mix in a place like PP+K. The office was modern and open, which allowed for a community feel in the office rather than a competitive one. Also, from what I could tell, everyone worked so closely that everyone seemed appreciated and valued, which is important to me when thinking about where I want to work. There was an entire team at PP+K that simply focused on social media... AKA MY DREAM JOB. It was very fascinating to listen Garrett's presentation to us because he gave us some great advice:

Advice from Garrett @ PP+K:

1) Diversify your skill set. Spend 80% of your time on your focus and/or career path and spend the remaining 20% taking other classes and learning new skills you can bring to the table.

2) Make your resume stand out in terms of format. Every resume tends to look the same. Find interesting layouts and formats to showcase who you are.

3) It's all about strategy. Everything at PP+K was thought through, from the creative art to the account management team's plans. Always have an answer to "Why?" something was done. 


We then got the rest of the day to explore Ybor City, which is a cool little village full of culture, restaurants, coffee shops, and night life. We decided to:

  • Try coffee at the Blind Tiger (thanks to Ashley Follenweider's research) 
    • I got Espresso Bombon which was espresso with sweetened condensed milk and it was DIVINE. It was cool to find out that they roast their beans there! 
  • Eat at the famous Columbia restaurant (which was founded in 1905) with an awesome flamenco show (Thanks again Ash for getting the reservation)
    •  I got delicious gazpacho with diced veggies - definitely the best I've ever had! I also got garbanzo beans and spinach with all kinds of yummy spices and olive oil. It was a delicious, flavorful VEGETARIAN meal! 

Here's some pictures from our travels through Ybor City and the surrounding Tampa Bay area:


Okay, enough blabbing. I'm so glad today was so much fun, and I can't wait to find out what else will happen on our journey through the Sunshine State (for shady people).

feistyfletch :)

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