Youtube is getting a little more feisty.... (VIDEO)

Yep... it's happening!

I'm going to start making Youtube videos! 

I've always wanted to make Youtube videos but I never really had the courage to do it. However, now that I'm in college in such a inspiring communications program - I FELT THE NEED TO GET GOING! :) 

SO, this video is me blabbing some fun facts about myself:

The video was originally created for a project I did for FreshTV, which is an organization at Elon University. It gives first year students hands on experience relating to filming, editing, and all things film/cinema communications.

I used an auto focus camera for this so it might not be the best quality! Apologies for that.

Also, the music was found at First Com Music Library, a digital music library that I fortunately have downloadable access to through Elon University.

Please let me know if you all liked this video and if you want me to make more... because they are SO fun to film & edit. It's a lot of work, but it's a blast :)

I'm not planning to make videos every week, but possibly every month! What would you want to see?? Please feel free to let me know in the comments or on social media!