Youtube & Chill: Youtubers I've Watched Since Forever


Today, I wanted to share with you some of the Youtubers that I have followed through the years that are inspirations of mine. I do follow quite a lot of people online, but there are a certain few that I particularly love for different reasons. There's something about them that's kept me obsessed with them, and I wanted to share that today!

I found all of these people first through Youtube and now I follow them all through social media. I probably don't go through the day without seeing something from each of them online.

I'm going to highlight my three favorites, but there is a list at the end of some of the others I LOVE. Alrighty, HERE WE GO:


1) Mark and Ethan

A picture of Mark & Ethan and their adorable dog Olive.

A picture of Mark & Ethan and their adorable dog Olive.

Name: MarkE Miller & Ethan Hethcote

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

# of Subscribers: 569,000+ on Mark's channel (primary channel) and 250,000+ followers on Ethan's channel

Who they are:  A fun, young gay couple living and loving life and vlogging their lives in a beautifully cinematic fashion.

Type of Content: Daily Vlogs

My favorite video (one of the many): 

Why I love them:

  • Their videos are incredibly beautiful (they are both very skilled in cinematography and editing.) 
  • They have an overall message of positivity.
  • Their slogan is "Everyday is a Great Day/"
  • Their outlook on life and their relationship are LIFE GOALS.
  • They put together SUPER GREAT playlists.
  •  I actually bought a t-shirt supporting their company and THEY RETWEETED ME. A dream come true.

2) Grace Helbig

Name: Grace Helbig aka ItsGrace (and formally DailyGrace)

Location: Los Angeles, CA and formerly NYC

# of Subscribers: 2.8 Million + 

Who she is:  One of the most well known female Youtubers who uses awkward humor to melt the hearts of everyone.

Type of Content: Vlogs / Comedy / TV show/ Movies / Podcasts / Books

My favorite video (one of the many): 

Why I love her:

  • She was one of the first online creators that I started following, and she has become an inspiration of mine.
  • Watching her fame grow and her success blossom has been AMAZING.
  • She's HILARIOUS.
  • Her podcast Not Too Deep is brilliantly funny. 
  • LIFE GOALS again.

3) Superfruit

Name: Superfruit aka Mitch Grassi & Scott Hoying

Location: Los Angeles, California AND all over the world (while touring with Pentatonix)

# of Subscribers: 1.9+ Million

Who they are:  Two of the members of Pentatonix that are hilarious, fashionable, and VERY TALENTED.

Type of Content:  Q+As/ Challenges / Music 

My favorite video (one of the many): 

Why I love them:

  •  They are SO talented. Example: 
  • They are friendships goals.
  • Mitch is very fashionable.
  • Their music recommendations are wonderful.
  • They have great intros and outros on every video.
  • They are members of my favorite music group, Pentatonix (who I am seeing in concert in MAY!)
  • They follow me on Twitter :O 

Some other faves:

Mamrie Hart - A hilarious show that takes pop culture and turns it into an alcoholic beverage (I can't make any of the drinks but she is SO funny). 

hotforfood - A vegan cooking channel (I'm not vegan, but vegan cooking is SO FASCINATING and I hope to try it out.)

Drew Monson - A dude with the most bizarre humor ever... and I love it.

World Of Wonder - A youtube channel with tons of hilarious shows featuring funny & campy personalities.

Trisha Paytas  - Hard to explain.... A fascinating woman who makes tons of different kinds of videos. She has such a COOL LIFE. (Warning: tends to be raunchy comedy and discussion)

Todrick Hall -  A talented dude who makes music videos, both HILARIOUS and beautiful. 

Ingrid Nilsen - A cheerful, adorable girl who shows people how to get their life together.

THE LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON! (if you want to know more, just let me know!)

If you watch any of these Youtubers, LET ME KNOW! I love talking about some of my favorites with others.

ALSO, if you have a blog/Youtube channel/podcast/etc that you want to check out, send it to me via social media ASAP! I'll be doing a post about YOU very soon :)


Fletcher Rowe aka @feistyfletch