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Content Production

Content Production


ANNE KLEIN | #WomenWhoDo Campaign

For Anne Klein's #WomenWhoDo campaign, I curated a list of admirable women throughout history and some of their powerful statements in order to create a collection of graphics that went onto all social channels. These graphics featured women through history that match Anne Klein's commitment to empowering women every day. 

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Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams | Video Production Assistance

I assisted Plural's videographer in filming a video featuring Katie Heffelfinger, an artist that Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams recently featured with a new collection in their stores. 


Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams | Artist Spotlight Campaign

I created promotional graphics, videos, and Instagram stories using photos and video footage from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams' Artist Spotlight video

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams | Instagram Stories

Part of the social media strategy for @mgbwhome was to featured user generated content, which included images that followers posted with their MG+BW furniture and home decor. During my time at Plural, I collected this content on a weekly basis and created graphics to post onto their account's Instagram Story. This not only created new content for their channels, but also enabled the account to promote follower engagement in a creative way.


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David Monn | Save The Light

As part of David Monn's personal interest in the use of incandescent light, I designed a Wordpress website and curated a variety of content involving involving the history, facts, and benefits of the lighting method. I also worked with the marketing department at David Monn to assist  the designing of the logo for the website.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams | Photo Production Assistance

During my internship at Plural, I assisted in the styling, casting, and production of a campaign featuring photography by Eric White and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furniture. I then assisted in editing the photos, scheduling the content, and analyzing the performance of this "Sleepover Campaign."

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