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10 Goals for 20 Year Old Fletch


I'm so sorry for the delay of this post - I've been getting back into the swing of things at school. Spring break is over and now I'm back at Elon with lots of projects and things to catch up on.

I've only been 20 for a few days, but I've been really thinking about different things that I want to do this year. 20 isn't necessarily a life-changing year, but it feels pretty cool that I'm no longer a "teen" and now an adult. YAY ADULTING!

Here are some goals for my 20th year of life:


1. Reach 5,000 followers on Twitter & Instagram

Okay, the first 3 goals are social media goals of mine because social media is my passion and my (hopeful) career path. My ultimate goal is to hit 10k followers on all social media, but I'm trying to take it step by step. I would LOVE to reach 5,000 followers on Twitter & Instagram by this time next year.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking "it's not about the numbers... it's unhealthy to think that way." Now, in a way that's true, but my favorite part of creating online content is the reactions and connections I make with new online users. I love engaging with new people online and I would love to reach as many as I can.


2. Reach 1,000 Likes on my facebook page

Another social media goal - I post on my Facebook page all the time and would love to hit 1k!

Check it out: facebook.com/feistyfletch


3. Post + Engage consistently on all social media channels.

I love creating content and I want to keep doing it as much as I can! Also, I want to engage with other content creators in hopes of collaborations and online friendships. I really want to collaborate with different brands, other bloggers, and new followers.

If you would like to collab, don't be afraid to reach out!


4. Register feistyfletch as an LLC

This is something that I've been talking about with my parents! I want to register feistyfletch as a business so that I can potentially expand this name past a blog. Definitely in the works.


5. Exercise!!!

I've probably said this every year for the past 5 years - I WANT TO EXERCISE. Okay, going to have a real vulnerable moment - I'm kind of scared of the gym. It's because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and I look scrawny and dumb compared to everyone else in there. So, I've avoided it.

I would love to figure out what I can do in order to exercise and not feel that way. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


6. Travel somewhere new

At 19, I was so blessed to be able to travel all over the place - New York, Europe, and more. I want to travel to MORE places.

I want to explore DC, the West Coast, and I really want to go to CANADA. 


7. Start creating a new type of content!

Now, I'm thinking maybe more videos, a PODCAST, or maybe an email newsletter. I don't know how I want to do this, but I think it would be cool to create something else to bring to the table. Definitely a project TBD.


8.  Go to lots of concerts!

I've only been to one concert + I want to go to so many more. I'm going to see Lady Gaga in August (I still can't believe I can say that), but I want to go to as many concerts as I can. I'd also love to go to a music festival, but those are crazy expensive!!

If there are any concerts coming that you'd think I would like, please send me links!


9. Go on more dates! (may or may not include Tinder)

giphy (9).gif

Yeah, I said it. I'm getting real - I want to go on more dates! I think they are funny and can be awkward, but that's what makes them fun. I've only been on a few in my lifetime, but I'd love to go on more. I'm hoping while I'm in NYC, I'll go on at least a few.  (Yes, this is me admitting that I've used Tinder)


10. Clean out the clutter

Now, I know I can't be a true *minimalist*, but I would love to get rid of all of the clutter in my life and just have exactly what I need and what brings me joy. This is definitely something that takes a lot of time, but I want to work on it a little bit this year.

Did you have any goals for yourself after your latest birthday? Or do you have any goals for spring? LMK on social media!

See y'all Thursday back here for some new content!