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19 Lessons I've Learned at Nineteen

This is my last post... AS A TEEN!

Hello! I'm currently home for spring break and I'm preparing for an exciting day - my birthday! My 20th birthday is tomorrow.

Wow, that's a lot to process... my "angsty teen" years are over. I'm adulting real quick. It feels like yesterday I was in kindergarten eager to be line leader.

I wanted to make today's post a quick reflection of 19 different things that I've learned in my latest year of life. 19 was a year of lots of ups and lots of downs, and I've learned a lot. 

19 Lessons I've Learned at 19

1. You can be your own worst enemy.

Yes, it's true. The only person that can be pushing you back at times is yourself. Sometimes, you have to realize this and combat your fears with risk taking and goal setting. 


2. Everything happens for a reason.

I wholeheartedly believe this. Everything, whether good or bad, is going to lead to something else that you might never be able to experience without that thing before happening. In times of trouble or stress, I try to remind myself that once I'm out of that, something great will be on the other side.


3. It's okay to cut some people out of your life.

This is something I learned while graduating high school - you don't have to be friends with everyone. Sometimes, life can feel so small that you feel forced to connect with the people around you. That's not true. If you know someone isn't good to have around you, then you don't have to. It sounds horrible, but it's so important for your own happiness.

This doesn't necessarily mean you don't like these other people or wish well for them. It could just be that at this point in your life it is not a good idea for you to be involved with them.


4. Mentorship is SO helpful!

I have had so many mentors I wouldn't even be able to count them. Owning up to the fact that you sometimes aren't independent and taking help and advice from others is important and is a form of self-care. There are people that want to help you.

Shoutout to all of my mentors! (You probably know who you are!)


5. Never stop learning.

Life is going to throw a lot at you - LEARN AS YOU GO! Everything you do leads to lessons and new experiences. Daily life can teach you just as much (if not more) than a textbook can.


6. True friends love you for the good...and the bad!

I've fortunately met some incredibly kind and understanding friends that will support me when I'm doing well and thriving and then when I'm anxious and scared. I might be driving them nuts or I could have upset them, but they stick with me.

It's these people that stay during those low moments who are your true friends.


7. Making mistakes is important and normal!

MAKE MISTAKES. Go out there, try something new, and see how it goes! Even if things go wrong, you'll learn something and you will grow! Don't beat yourself up for that. People make mistakes literally every second.


8. Take lots of photos.

I've learned this through travels and just being a millennial. Take that group photo. Take that selfie. You'll regret it if you don't. 


9. It's okay to not do everything at once.

Do what is worth your time and your energy. You are going to have moments where you are given tons of opportunities and you need to choose. Doing everything will NOT work. Trust me, I've tried it (ie my bad first semester).


10. Sometimes it's okay to be selfish.

During the last few years in my life, I would have moments where I would be so focused on those around me that I would be destroying myself. Now, I don't mean to make myself sound like a saint and say I was helping everyone all the time, but there have been moments where I would sacrifice my happiness for other people.

This is awesome and important to an extent. You CAN support yourself and have moments where you need to make a decision for yourself. Again, this is something I'm still learning and trying to understand.


11. Work. Work. Work.

Keep moving and keep working towards your goals. Sitting around and thinking about what you're going to do is important at times, but it is that hands-on experience that is really going to separate yourself from the crowd. Just keep working and pushing yourself (with whatever applies to you).


12. Less is more.

More stuff means more stress! I've been trying to declutter and it's been really good for me. I'd suggest doing a cleanse - whether it's a physical item cleanse,  social media cleanse, or food cleanse. Sometimes you need to focus a few great things rather than a bunch of overwhelming good things.


13. Treating yourself keeps you sane.

Buy yourself that afternoon coffee! Eat that cookie! Take that nap! Those little things keep you going and keep you grounded. Listening to yourself and what you need to perk up is essential.


14. Taking risks is GOOD.

I just wrote about this last week: Read this thing!!


15. Alone time is important. 

I'm a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY as you know. I love talking a mile a minute and engaging with as many people as possible. However, sometimes I like to take moments to just stop and enjoy time with myself. This is something I've done in the last year and it has been really helpful. It allows me to decompress and check in with myself.


16. Good music can get you through anything.

JAM OUT. It keeps you going and gives you something to enjoy through whatever. Also, your music taste DOES NOT have to match everyone else! Listen to what makes you happy and makes you want to dance and smile.


17. Appreciate those special people!

Reminding those special friends and family that they mean a lot to you is so important. Doing this with a gift, a coffee date, or even just a text will make not only make you feel good, but it will show them that you value them and your friendship. (This is something I'm personally working on in year 20!)


18. SLEEP!

Enough said. It's so important and I don't value it enough. You can't drive a car on an empty gas tank - SLEEP WHEN YOU CAN!


19. Don't be afraid of change.

Things change. People change. YOU change. It's all a part of life and will ultimately lead to some awesome stuff. Don't stop yourself and others from going through their own life paths.



I hope that you learned a little something from this post. It was awesome to reflect for a little bit about my life up to this point - I've hopefully got a whole lot more ahead of me.

I'm going to write a blog post tomorrow or Friday about my goals in my 20th year, but until then, THANKS FOR READING!


Oh and one more thing: if you are reading this, you were one of my favorite parts of my 19th year of life. Seriously, you made my 19th year so much more fun and purposeful as you read and engaged with all of the wacky content I've been creating. I really appreciate it and I love you all for it.