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Happy March! It's MARCH. What in the world??? I turn 20 this month!

Today, I didn't have a particular topic to this blog post- I just kind of wanted to write a little life update. This is more for myself - this blog has become kind of a public journal/diary for me through college, so I wanted to write myself a little note to check in and reflect on the day to day.

Alrighty, so a few updates: 

I'm enjoying my classes!

I'm only taking three classes this semester and I love them: Anthropology of Sex & Gender, LGBT Literature, and Strategic Research Methods! The first are a part of my Gender & Sexualities Studies minor and the last is a part of my Strategic Communications major. I love them all. They are all interesting and don't have too much crazy work yet! All of the topics are super interesting and very discussion based, which is good for me. 

My schedule is more relaxed, but I'm still busy busy busy.

I don't have class Tuesdays or Thursdays, which is a BLESSING. I focus those days on my internship, blog, and self care. I totally want to keep a schedule like this for the future. However, I'm always grabbing opportunities, working as much as I can, and getting to know lots of great people.


I'm thinking a lot about my future & career.


So, my original goal was to live at home in Richmond and find a communications related internship there! That would still be ideal, but I've also opened my options to actually living at Elon and commuting to a nearby city and working. This is all still in the works, but it's crazy that I'm thinking about summer employment already and might not be living at home. 


I've loved catching up with friends! 

As part of my less crazy schedule, I've been focusing on reconnecting with people and catching up with friends. Last semester, I was so busy and overwhelmed that I grew distant from a lot of the people that I love. It has been SO GOOD to see everyone again. Coffee and dinner dates GALORE. If you're reading this and want to reconnect, HMU!


Family life is a little crazy right now.

I won't go into detail about this because the majority of it is personal, but family life has gotten a little crazy. I mean it's always crazy, but recently there's been lots of changes. Part of the difficulty of going to college away from home is keeping up and supporting your family from afar. 


I've begun planning for NYC, which is a dream come true.

Yes! I've found out that I'm going to Marymount Manhattan in the fall, living in lower Manhattan, and I'm going to be exploring the BIG APPLE while doing an internship somewhere. I'm incredibly excited. Seriously, I'm still shocked I get this incredible opportunity. 

That's about all of the big updates that I can think of. I enjoy doing these updates every once in a while just to keep myself reflective and keep you updated in case you were interested in what I'm doing day to day as the feisty man I am.

I'll be post lots of more *content* next week. I'm thinking a Q+A! I'll post a link to a questions form and y'all can send me questions and I'll answer them anonymously. Look out for that!

Until then, I hope you have a great rest of your week!

Talk to you soon!


Fletcher Rowe | @feistyfletch